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For All Your Days 
by Nathaniel Lent 

Category: RWBY 

Genre: Adventure, Romance 

Language: English 

Status: In-Progress 

Published: 2016-04-08 05:29:46 

Updated: 2016-04-18 23:47:14 

Packaged: 2016-04-27 22:01:05 

Rating: M 

Chapters : 4 

Words : 12,599 


Summary: It's been 2 years since RWBY left their legacy behind at 
Beacon. 2 Years since Weiss assumed her position as the CEO of the 
SDC. 2 years since Blake and Yang started their careers as 
huntresses... and 2 years since their Little Red had gone 
missing . 

1 . Chapter 1 
Chapter 1 

Weiss Schnee was annoyed. 

The heiress, now CEO, had somewhat mellowed out since her days at 
Beacon Academy, something that had come with growing up. Seldom did 
she lose her temper over the small things that she had in the past, 
and gone were the tantrums that had pervaded her everyday life. That 
said, there were only a few people on Remnant who could dare to cross 
the woman in this state, and even fewer who would willingly do 
so . 

Standing up, the white-haired woman paced her office, letting out 
small huffs all the while. Her office was comfortable, if 
conservative. White carpet, white walls, wooden shelves, and a line 
of windows that ran the length of the office formed the foundation. A 
television laid across from the desk which housed several holographic 
screens. Speaking of which, the cause of her frustrations could be 
traced to the pile of documents currently on her desk; all of which 
depicted blurry photos of a figure cloaked in black and red. 

Ruby. Fucking. Rose. 

The leader of her four years at Beacon had wedged herself into the 
icy woman's heart with her insufferable cheerfulness and impossibly 
endearing honesty. Four years of sleeping in the same room and 
fighting life and death battles had left a trust in the red and white 
partners that few could ever replicate. It was also for this reason 

that Weiss was currently so irate. 

Ruby was, in short, missing. Missing for the past 2 years now. As 
soon as their team of 4 had graduated from Beacon, the youngest and 
ironically, most skilled, member of their team had left on a 
long-term mission with her uncle. Now, this had all been well and 
good, with the two keeping in constant contact, if sometimes looking 
slightly worse for wear. The problem came when Qrow had returned 
after 2 months, and his niece was still nowhere to be found. 

The only reason that the WBY portion of team RWBY hadn't immediately 
upended the world in an attempt to find their leader was the word of 
the only person who had seen Ruby before her sudden disappearance, 
her uncle Qrow. And as much as they were worried that their all too 
trusting leader was in over her pretty little head, Qrow had, for 
quite awhile now, been assuring them otherwise. 

Of course, there was no way that the team had given up that easily. 
Yang and Blake had been on a lookout for their leader wherever they 
took a mission. To Vale, Atlas, Mistral, and Vacuo, they had gone 
around the globe; and though you would think a girl with a giant 
scythe, black-red hair, and a red cloak would be rather memorable, 
there was no trace of the younger crimsonette. Their consolation at 
least, was that they were at least out there looking, searching for 
any sign of Ruby. 

Weiss on the other hand, was denied even that, stuck in her own 
office and saddled with the running of the Schnee Dust Company. While 
the CEO position was something that she had been expected to do, it 
had been on no uncertain terms that it would be the product of her 
father's wishes. Though it had involved several compromises, namely 
Weiss' agreement to deal with the suitors that her father wished her 
to meet, the then young heiress had managed to have her father pass 
control of the company to her. Of course, no small amount of support 
from Winter had played a large part in their father's decision. No 
matter how powerful the SDC was economically, even the gargantuan 
dust monopoly had to pay some heed to the Atlesian military. Thusly, 
Weiss now held authority over the largest economic power on 
Remnant . 

This, in turn, led to the young woman's current situation. Had it not 
been for her position, Weiss would have long since been out the 
proverbial door searching for her missing partner. Running a hand 
through her hair as she slumped into the admittedly comfortable chair 
that adorned her office, Weiss once again ran through the reports 
that sat on her desk. Most of them were false leads or cold trails, 
information that had already been looked through and deemed useless, 
weeks or even months old images that came in by mail. It was an 
arduous process, one that Weiss nevertheless continued. 

Scouring the papers for any possible source of reliable information 
concerning Ruby, Weiss almost didn't notice the quiet knock that 
signaled someone's presence on the other side of the door. 

At this time? It could only be one person. 

"The door isn't locked, come in." she called out. The door slowly 
opened to reveal another young woman, slightly older than Weiss, that 
seemed to be a mirror image in all but the strict military discipline 
that had been instilled in her. 

Giving a faint smile, Weiss greeted the visitor with nary a second 
thought. "Specialist Winter Schnee, to what do I owe this pleasure?" 
Though there was no need to be so formal with her sister, Weiss 
always found it comforting to find something so small to indulge the 
older woman with the formality that the latter was always so fond 
of . 

"Well Miss Schnee, I didn't realize that I needed an excuse to visit 
my own sister." Responding in kind with her own slight smirk. Winter 
caught on quickly. 

"Oh of course, I'm only too happy to see you here." She gestured to 
the chair across from her. "Why not take a seat? There's coffee or 
tea if you wouldn't mind waiting a few minutes." Weiss needed a break 
from her endless search that only seemed to bring up more questions 
instead of answers. 

Unfortunately, it seemed as if Winter had other plans. Though she did 
take a seat, the previously amicable expression turned into one that 
she wore when in meetings, something that had Weiss adopt a similar 
attitude . 

"Unfortunately, our time for formalities is at an end Weiss." Though 
it was a minute detail, Weiss gave a small cheer inside of her at the 
sound of her sister addressing her by name. For years it had simply 
been, "sister." There was little time to dwell on this 
however . 

"What happened? An attack? White Fang activity is at an all time low 
Winter." Assumptions make a fool out of you and me. Weiss knew this 
well enough; but when Winter Schnee came to you with what she clearly 
regarded as a serious issue, it was best to be safe rather than 
sorry . 

"Luckily no, there hasn't been any trouble for a month now, best that 
it stays that way." Winter produced a single folded up sheet of paper 
from her breast pocket and handed it to Weiss. "What I have is, 
fortunately, of a much more positive subject, though just as 
serious . " 

Unfolding the sheet slowly, Weiss stared at the sheet in front of 
her, eyes scanning for anything that might have brought her sister 
rushing to her office. For all intents and purposes, it seemed to 
bea€ i 

"Though I'm not saying it's unimportant Winter, why do you need me to 
read the reports of a Grimm attack in Atlas?" The paper in her hand 
depicted a recent altercation between a pack of Beowolves and a small 
squad of hunters-in-training . Though the squad showed some signs of 
potential in being able to handle the situation, it was at most, 
something for the proper academy to look into. All in all, Weiss gave 
her sister a confused look. 

Winter's response was a short as it was clear as she rotated her 
finger in a small circle. "The backside Weiss." She 
supplied . 

"A-Aha€ | " A small splash of color reaching her otherwise pale face, 
Weiss turned the paper over. Another attack encountered by the same 

squad. This time however, it was by a much more lethal horde of 
Grimm. The attack seemed to include several Ursa making an 
appearance. Hell, the report even mentioned sightings of several 
Death Stalkers and a King Tajitsu. 

Weiss' blood ran cold. That sort of conflict wasn't something that 
students could handle, no matter how talented they were. It would 
have taken, at the very least, a pair, or even a trio, of trained 
hunters and huntresses to subdue the horde safely. 

"Keep reading Weiss. It isn't what you think." Winter, already aware 
of her sister's personality, spoke in advance. While she was cold, 
Weiss was always aware of the value of lives; otherwise, she wouldn't 
have spent so much of her time and energy trying to better the lives 
of the Faunus . Though, part of that may have had to do with Blake 
Belladonna pushing the motions for peaceful protest in concert with 
her teammate. 

Not speaking, Weiss continued on with reading. The Grimm had gotten 
exceedingly close to the town at which the students were staying at 
before another individual, presumably hunter, had gotten involved. 

The next portion had Weiss standing up while she read out 
loud . 

"_The Grimm had gotten within 100 yards of the town entrance before a 
person came to our aid. Though they did not identify themselves, this 
person, whom I can only assume to be a hunter, swept in at an 
exceedingly fast pace before tearing into the line of Grimm. 

At this point, Weiss could only appreciate the fact that she wasn't 
yelling the words as her mind read faster than her mouth could 
speak . 

"_The, 'red blur' if I may name the individual as such, had quickly 
wiped out the small fry by the time we had regrouped and headed out 
to check the situation from a closer distance. Even then, the 
combatant was already in the process of beheading the King Tajitsu 
with a large scythe before we finally made it . 

A scythe, an honest to god scythe in battle. There were only two 
people in Remnant that used a scythe with that much skill, and one of 
them was perfectly comfortable at home in Patch. 

"_Whoever they were, this combatant was exceedingly quick in a fight; 
even from our vantage point above the battlefield, we could only 
catch glimpses of them flitting towards each of the Grimm. The Death 
Stalkers, which were the only Grimm left, proceeded to seemingly 
explode as the figure approached each of them. Though we attempted to 
make contact with the individual as the combat ended, they 
immediately departed the scene, though not without, strangely enough, 
giving us a signal that we learned was for, 'all clear.' As much as 
we could make out, they were wearing a thick black cloak that 
obscured our view of their face, though there were reddish-black 
folds of cloth from what seemed to be a skirt that came from their 
feet. Otherwise, their appearance was concealed. -Team CRKL, Leader: 
Crest Luke"_ 

Weiss' eyes were wide as she spoke the final words. The silence that 
followed was deafening; no words were needed to address the elephant 
in the room. Eventually though. Winter broke the silence. 

"Weiss, we have no confirmation of whether or not it truly is Ruby 
Rose. For all we know it could be another individual. The knowledge 
we hold is not the end all be all of the world. You could be going on 
a wild goose chase." 

Weiss gave her a hard look. "It doesn't matter Winter. If it's 
possible that Ruby is out there, I have to go." It was just another 
thing that had changed since her school years. Weiss was no longer 
the unconfident individual that was all bravado without any 
substance . 

"Why not just ask her sister and Miss Belladonna to investigate?" 
Winter tried to reason with Weiss. 

"They're in Vacuo for another week. By the time they return. Ruby 
could be long gone; that's a risk that I'm not going to take." It had 
been two years damn it, and Weiss would sooner return the company to 
her father than give up the chance to find Ruby. 

Winter however, clearly saw differently, shaking her head as she 
spoke. "Weissa€| sister, I can go. Can't you trust me?" 

Up until now, nothing had swayed Weiss' resolve as much as this. 
Trust. Something that was hard to come by from the frosty young 
woman. Winter was one of the first who had ever earned it, even 
before her team at Beacon. Her elder sister had been one of Weiss' 
only confidantes in the entire Schnee household, with the rest of her 
relatives being some of the more poisonous snakes in the industry 
already . 

Still, Weiss shook her head in refusal. "I can't Winter. You know 
that I trust youa€ | but I can't give up on this." Looking down at her 
feet, the younger woman spoke in a remorseful tone. She didn't know 
why, it justa€ | felt like Ruby wouldn't be there if anybody went 
besides herself. 

"I have to go WinteraC | because it's Ruby." She thought for a moment 
before adding on. "Because she's my partner." 

Winter stared at her sister. In the many years that she had known her 
sister. Winter had rarely seen Weiss so adamant about a 
decision . 

"You don't understand Weiss, the terrain out there is harsh and the 
amount of Grimm high. The only reason we had a team of students out 
there in the first place was for that very reason. Youa€| you 
haven ' ta€ | " 

Winter's reluctance to continue was noted by Weiss; it was something 
that she had expected. Running the SDC left little time for combat 
practice; indeed, it left little time for anything that wasn't 
handing out orders or reviewing the numerous reports that made their 
way to her desk every day. While Weiss may have been talented, talent 
could only take you so far after months of not actually using it. 

"I am a trained huntress. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able 
to venture out on my own." A steely glint flashed in bright blue eyes 
as Weiss spoke; the sign of no compromise was clear to Winter. 

"If you must, then so be it." Winter relented. "But keep in contact. 
You don't know what might be out there." Her formal facade slipping 
at the thought of Weiss encountering mortal danger. Winter finally 
let some of her concern as an elder sister show. 

"I know Winter." Weiss gave a weak smile. "Could you tell Blake and 
Yang about this? They aren't scheduled to get in contact until 
tomorrow evening and by thena€ | " 

Winter waved away Weiss' concerns. "I'll receive them personally and 
explain the situation." She left the rest unsaid. What happens after 
the pair heard that their other teammate had gone to find their 
leader without thema€ | that was out of her hands. 

"Thank you." Stepping forward, Weiss met Winter in an embrace, the 
two taking comfort in family. Separating a few moments later, Weiss 
shut down the displays on her desk, gathering up the documents and 
placing them in a locked drawer. 

The SDC building went dark as the sisters exited into the parking 
lot; Winter entering a small black convertible while Weiss climbed 
into the driver's seat of an admittedly gaudy looking white sports 
sedan. A brief wave goodbye later, and the two were gone. 

The drive back to her apartment was tortuous for Weiss despite 
driving usually being a sort of solace for the young woman. A feeling 
of freedom and speed, something that let her finally relate to her 
leader that moved much too quickly for her own good. 

The lights of Atlas winked at her through the windshield, something 
that on any other night, she would have admired. Her hands gripped 
the steering wheel tightly as she went over the speed limit, 
something she rarely did. And yet, it felt as if she couldn't get 
back fast enough despite knowing that she wouldn't be leaving until 
tomorrow morning. 

Almost robotic in her actions, all Weiss could think about as she 
took the elevator to her apartment and opened the door was the sheet 
of paper that Winter had handed her. A small town on the fringes of 
Atlas, it was a wonder that the town still stood given all the 
factors that ran against it. 

Weiss opened up her closet, pulling out a small pack that she had 
been using for the small amount of missions that she had taken over 
the years. She quickly filled it with the essentials: food, water, 
and the like. Laying out a pair of clothes for tomorrow, Weiss 
proceeded to the bathroom. 

A pristine sight greeted her as always. The room was spacious, but 
not overly so, with tan tiles lining the floor and one sink with a 
mirror over it. A shower was placed in the corner of the room, lined 
with textured glass to obscure the view of the person inside. Of 
course, the largest feature that took the predominant amount of space 
was a large bathtub that was set along the wall; seldom however, did 
Weiss utilize the piece. 

Weiss stripped off her business suit and stepped into the shower, 
letting out a sigh of relief as the hot water descended on her. Weiss 
both loved and hated taking showers. For one, they allowed her to 
relax, to forget the stresses of the day and revel in the simple 

comfort that was afforded to her. On the other hand, it also led to 
times like this, where she would be left completely alone with her 
thoughts . 

Dare she hope? That after two years without a peep, that they finally 
had a solid lead? That Ruby may just be around the corner? The 
thought was almost too good to be true and yeta€ i Weiss' heartbeat 
sped up just at the thought. Her imagination drew up images of Ruby 
Rose in her trademark red cloak. Crescent Rose in one hand and the 
other waving at her like aa€ dolt. Despite the impossibility of it 
all, Weissa€| wanted to believe. 

As she laid in bed, dressed in her nightgown, these thoughts and more 
swept through Weiss' thoughts. 

'_Rubya€| wait for me. '_ 

2 . Chapter 2 
Chapter 2 : 

Though she had used to despise waking up early in the morning, Weiss 
has quickly learned to adapt at Beacon. After all, preserving her 
hearing was something that she prioritized, especially when faced 
with the ungodly sound of Ruby's whistle. Team RWBY ' s leader had 
always seemed to be able to find the accursed object, no matter how 
many times Blake had hid it away. 

Weiss' habit of waking up at the crack of dawn hadn't dulled over the 
years. If anything, it had only become more pronounced with the need 
to be punctual when running a business. The cold climate of Atlas had 
certainly helped with waking up in the morning, something that the 
CEO could now appreciate as she shivered in her thin 
nightgown . 

Grabbing the pair of clothes that she had prepared the night before, 
Weiss quickly changed into a white blouse that went underneath a 
similarly colored knee-length jacket that was adorned with the Schnee 
family crest on the breast. The skirt that she had been so fond of as 
a student had been lengthened to reach below her knees, a light trim 
lining the bottom of it. The heels however, had quickly become 
something of a burden, especially when she would be wearing them for 
days that sometimes went for well over the typical 8 hour working 
day. Instead Weiss had exchanged them for a comfortable pair of boots 
that perhaps halfway up to her knees. 

A small necklace also adorned the young woman's neck. The small piece 
of jewelry had been a gift from Ruby to her teammates at their 
graduation; at first, the elder girls had been skeptical of their 
young leader's ability to make such a thing, believing it to be some 
sort of elaborate prank. When they saw the single ornament on the 
otherwise simple chain however, they quickly changed their minds. 
Sealed within a layer of glass was a single rose petal, one that the 
three had become all too familiar with over the years. 

'_It'll remind you of me! '_ 

Ruby's words echoed even now. 

Shaking her head and ridding herself of such thoughts, Weiss grabbed 
what seemed to be a small cylinder from the table before snapping it 
to the belt that secured her skirt. Double checking everything, the 
young woman made her way out the door. 

It was time to begin the search. 

'_With any luck. I'll have Ruby back here by the end of next 
week . 

She didn't really believe it. With team RWBY, nothing was ever that 
simple . 



An elated yell filled the air as two figures appeared in the air 
above the blazing sands of Vacuo. Both were wearing heavy shawls in 
an effort to stop the fierce sun from burning their skin; a common 
practice among the residents of the desert nation. Several more 
distinct bangs filled the air as one of the two soared even further 
ahead, each burst in altitude accompanied by another projectile that 
flew from their fist. 

The image of happiness however, was quickly shattered by the 
appearance of 3 Death Stalkers appearing from behind the sand dunes, 
only to meet the concussive explosions from each of the projectiles. 
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop them in their tracks as the 
two people fell from the sky. Converging on the figure that had fired 
the projectiles, the 3 Death Stalkers swung a claw down, a massive 
amount of dust and debris flying up to accompany the impact. 

"Yang!" The pieces of cloth on his head blown off by the winds. Sun 
Wukong's fierce blond hair made an appearance in the sweltering 
desert. Though many would have mistaken his outburst to be one of 
panic and concern for his teammate, they would have been 
mistaken . 

"Yeah don't worry Monkey Boy, just havin' some fun on the way!" Yang 
Xiao Long was currently standing underneath the claws of the Death 
Stalkers, though perhaps _in between _ would have been a better 
description . 

The blonde's hair draped down to her waist, glinting in the sun like 
a jewel which, given its owner's disposition towards it, it might as 
well have been. With the various cloths flung away in the flurry of 
movement, it was easy to see that the work of a Huntress had done 
wonders for the young woman's appearance. 

The brown leather jacket stayed around her shoulders, though a belt 
of ammunition now now hung around each cuff. Instead of merely 
wrapping around her neck now, Yang's scarf draped down to around her 
midriff, the brawler's emblem proudly stitched upon it. Her stomach 
was now covered by the black shirt she wore underneath the jacket. 
Yang's penchant for short-shorts hadn't changed, and neither had the 
preference to wear a belt that had more pockets than her jacket. She 
had however, changed out her boots for ones that were heeled and 
traveled up to her thighs. All in all, it was almost enough to 
distract most from the three deadly Grimm that were intent on 

skewering her. 

"Just don't take too long, we have to make it to Vacuo ' s capital by 
today." A small chuckle worked it's way up the monkey faunus ' throat 
as he watched his friend of many years play with some of the most 
deadly monsters on Remnant like a dog might with a chew toy. Any 
remaining concerns that he may have had about his companion getting 
careless were blown away as Yang's fist made a devastating impact 
with the tender bottom of a Death Stalker's body. 

"Hell yeah!" Anyone not used to the sight would have had eyes popping 
out of their head as the massive creature of Grimm achieved lift off, 
flying several feet off the ground before crashing down once 
again . 

"You have no idea how good that feels after walking for two days 
straight!" Yang's personality hadn't dulled much over the years; if 
anything, the blonde bombshell had just gotten more _explosive_ if 
she was to say so herself. The two Death Stalkers seemed to share 
this opinion as they ceased aggressively advancing towards the young 
huntress, instead choosing to glare menacingly at her as if she would 
run away . 

What Yang had just displayed was the textbook method of fighting a 
Death Stalker. Avoid direct conflict when possible and allow it to 
attack; long staggering blows will allow you openings to take 
advantage of. When striking, aim for the soft underbelly where armor 
is absent in order to deal the most possible damage. Take care to 
avoid the stinger that contains deadly venom. 

But who was Yang Xiao Long? 

A confident smirk was on her face as she completely ignored standard 
protocol. Like Yang had proclaimed earlier. Sun and his wild (even by 
his standards) companion had been doing nothing but travel for the 
past few days in order to reach the capital of Vacuo, where they 
would catch the next airlift back to Vale. 

Standard? Safety? You may as well have asked for a monsoon to hit 
Vacuo ! 

With Yang dashing forward, flames licked the ends of Ember Celica as 
their wielder brought them up. 

"YAH ! " 


With a loud crunch. Sun greeted a sight that would've had most 
hunters and huntresses wide-eyed surprise with a resigned sigh. 
"Well, I guess that was a lot faster than waiting to counter." 

Yang had swung her fist downwards like a sledgehammer, the strike 
igniting in a brilliant flame as it came in contact with the Death 
Stalker's rock hard shella€| that would be blown apart as easily as 
tissue paper as Ember Celica descended. Screeching in an inhumane 
expression of pain, the unlucky victim of Yang's strike staggered 
back a few steps before collapsing, dead. 

As for the remaining creature of GrimmaC j ? It didn't even get a 

chance to attempt another strike before the dragon's wrath bore down 

on it with the force that had so easily crushed its 


"Alright, we're all cleaned up here monkey-boy, good to go." Yang 
dusted off the sand that had ended up on her shoulders. Ember Celica 
folding back up into the bracelets that rested on Yang's wrists. 

Sun gave a thumbs up as he put the shawls back on his head: getting a 
few moments of fresh air was nice, a sunburn along the length of his 
neck and face? Not nearly as much. Looking back to the map displayed 
on his scroll, the faunus figured about two more hours until they 
made it to the capital. Once thereaC i his attention was diverted by a 
notification on the digital screen. 

"Hey, you in the mood for a drink once we get back?" Sun, along with 
Neptune, had become something of a drinking buddy with Yang since 
they had graduated Beacon. It made sense in a way, since neither of 
Yang's teammates shared the blonde's inclinations to become 
mind-numbingly drunk. 

Still, Yang gave him a questioning look. "I thought we were in a rush 
so that we could get back in time for our flight." 

The monkey faunus at least had the sense to look sheepish as he 
rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah about thataC i " he held his scroll 
up in his hands. "I just checked the flight schedules. Looks like 
they're not taking off until tomorrow because of sandstorms that'll 
be coming in the area soon. So we still gotta hurry back, just not 
for the same reasons." 

Yang let out a frustrated sigh before resigning herself to throwing 
on the shawls that had been blown away during the fight. 

"Hey Suna€ | " 

"What is it?" Taking a look back towards Yang, Sun Wukong could only 
try to not panic as he noticed the mischievous grin on his 
companion's face. The sound of Ember Celica deploying should have 
been his first warning. 

"There is a faster way back instead of walking you know." Rounds slid 
into place, a very audible clicking noise notifying Sun of his 
impending doom. He was all for fun, but thisa€|? 

"I don't know about-" 

It was too late. Yang had, in a flash, hooked the faunus by the neck 
while running off the nearest sand dune, firing Ember Celica all the 
while . 



Shouts of panic and excitement were reported by the guards of Vacuo ' s 
capital only half an hour later. 


Quiet, just how she liked it. 

Blake Belladonna gave a short glance over the novel she was 
reading . 

Correction, just how _they_ liked it. 

Having finished their mission earlier in the day, the feline faunus 
and her partner for this particular mission. Lie Ren, were taking 
some time to kick back after the week's worth of hard work. 

And so here they were, Blake with a book in hand and a cup of coffee 
in front of her, Ren with only a cup of tea, seemingly just enjoying 
the peace and quiet. A small smile came to her lips; had the two of 
them been paired on a team at Beacon, Blake felt as if they would 
have made a fairly good one. 

_Her teama€ 

Of all of team RWBY, Blake felt as if Weiss had probably been the one 
most affected by the little red speedster's disappearance, though 
Yang had come in at a close second. The sisters had been inseparable, 
their rambunctious and noisy personalities serving to balance the 
quiet and calm that their partners had brought to the table. Blake 
still had Yang as her pocket of sunshine, Weissa€| was left in Atlas 
with nobody. Sure, the occasional visit and greetings were exchanged, 
but it truly wasn't the same as having someone there to look out for 
you . 

"Blake." Said woman flicked her head up, realizing that she had been 
somewhat zoning out over her thoughts. Inquisitive pink eyes peered 
at her own, a mixture of curiosity and concern that she quickly waved 
off . 

"It's nothing serious Ren, just the same as always." 

A rare expression of sadness found it's way onto the martial artist's 
face. "Ruby?" The loss of team RWBY ' s leader hadn't just affected 
their team, the ripples had made their way out to their friends as 
well. Team JNPR had taken it especially hard, seeing as how the two 
teams were nearly merged at the hip. Had there been 8 person teams 
allowed, you wouldn't had known the difference. 

Blake's eyes stared into her cup of coffee, the brown liquid offering 
a distorted reflection of her face. "Since when has it been anything 

"She's probably fine. We both know that Ruby is more than capable." 

It was a sound argument. Given the fact that Ruby had been at the top 
of her class in terms of combat capability at the end of their fourth 
year at Beacon, she was in very secure hands: her own. 

"That's about defending herself." The subtly implied meaning wasn't 
lost on Ren. 

"She had to learn how to get along on her own sometime, I'm sure she 
manages in her own way." The uncertainty in his voice wasn't missed 
by Blake. 

"Ren, you know as well as I do that Ruby would rather spend the 

entirety of the day polishing Crescent Rose instead of talking to 
anyone . " 

"You'reaC! " Ren couldn't lie through his teeth, "...probably right." 
He responded to Blake's deadpan tone. They all knew about Ruby's 
obsession, yes obsession, with her weapon. It had become something of 
an urban legend among the first year students amusingly enough. The 
disembodied voice whispering sweet nothings in the dead of night in 
the machine room on weekends. In reality it was simply Ruby 
maintaining her weapon following the leadership courses and homework 
that had been assigned to all third year leaders and above. 

"It's been two years Ren" Blake drained her cup before speaking 
again. "Two years without a word of contact. No messages, no calls, 
no nothing." Setting her book down, she ran a hand through her now 
shoulder length hair. A white jacket went over her shoulders as a 
black blouse went underneath it. Her partner's influence was 
apparent, a scarf with Blake's emblem winding itself around the 
f aunus ' neck . 

"I know BlakeaC | I know. But her uncle was clear when he told us that 
she was safe. Right now, it's all we can do to believe him." Ren had 
never been one for large emotional displays, but that didn't mean 
that he couldn't empathize with others. Ruby had been just as 
precious to him as she had been to her other friends. 

Blake stood up, taking her book with her. "Believe me, I want to 
trust in Ruby's uncle as much as everyone else does. If she's safe 
though, why doesn't she get in contact with any of us?" Blake's 
distress was clear, the serene air that had surrounded the two of 
them gone . 

"What if she was forbidden by her uncle? She could be training." Ren 
elaborated, it had always been his role on the team that had been so 
excitable so calm everyone down. "You don't know what happened, so 
you shouldn't assume the worst." 

"I-I knowa€ | but it's just thata€ ! " Blake had always assumed the 
worst case scenario. It had saved her hide on multiple occasions, be 
it on during her early years with the White Fang, or in her years as 
a huntress. Right now though, she wished that she could think 
anything but what her instincts told her to. 

"I understand, but you should know as well as I doa€ | " Ren finished 
off his own tea. "That Ruby isn't someone to give up, at all." 

Blake stared for a moment before replying. 

_Blake !_ 

_We'll definitely be able to stop them Blake, don't give up!_ 

_I'll always be around for you to talk to Blake, I'm your team leader 
after all !__ 

'_Then where are you now Ruby?'_ 

"I know Ren, I know." 

3 . Chapter 3 

Chapter 3 : 

It took a lot to make a Weiss Schnee even contemplate giving up, to 
make any Schnee think about giving up really. And yet, the youngest 
in the Schnee line was just about ready to call it a day, having 
spent much of it hiking her way up the mountainside in order to reach 
the town of Eins, the town which Team CRKL had stopped at for their 
mission. Whereas the group of students had taken two days to scale 
the distance, Weiss had made the trek in merely a few hours. Though 
the hike itself hadn't been particularly treacherous, the various 
Grimm that she had encountered had taken a toll on her 
stamina . 

Speaking of which, a few more were now making themselves known from 
the cliffs to Weiss' left. By her count, there were around ten Grimm 
that stood packed together luckily, none of them were especially 
dangerous. Though the common Beowolves and Ursai had long since 
failed to be a threat to her, the terrain itself made this battle 
treacherous. Combine that with Weiss' already failing stamina, and it 
was enough to make the woman take this battle seriously. 

Flicking the cylinder that she had packed into her hand, Weiss 
quickly pressed a switch on the base that had the entire thing 
expanding rapidly; first were the multiple, progressively thinner, 
pieces that shot out only to be reigned in by Weiss' aura. Each piece 
snapped together, the base of the cylinder forming a guard while a 
thin segment that had remained in Weiss' hand became *the hilt. The 
blade itself was white, a carbon copy of Myrtenaster right down to 
the length and width. The guard however, had changed significantly. 
Gone were the cycling dust chambers, the weapon itself now imbued 
with the power of Nature's Wrath through the engravings on the guard 
and hilt. 

Into Team RWBY ' s later years at Beacon, Weiss had quickly learned 
that carrying copious amounts of highly volatile dust was not an 
option on most missions. Given that the then heiress' fighting style 
depended largely on her dustcraft, changes had to be made; the result 
was a complete reconstruction of her beloved weapon with copious 
amounts of help from Ruby. It had taken quite a while to build, and 
even longer for Weiss to get used to the now extremely light weapon, 
but in the end, the benefits far outweighed any losses. 

As much as Weiss wanted to stop to admire the craftsmanship of her 
weapon, the roaring of the Ursai quickly prompted a pristine white 
glyph to form underneath her. Being propelled at a velocity that 
would have otherwise been impossible for her, Weiss quickly slowed as 
she reached the apex of her leap. A flare of red light lit up the sky 
as the figure in the air descended; flames burst onto the Grimm as 
Weiss slammed into the ground. Several of the Beowolves were killed 
almost instantly, even the Ursa were damaged by the fierce attack, 
backing away from the epicenter of the blast. 

Not wasting any time, Weiss' weapon flashed in the light of the fire 
as it ran through one of the nearest Beowolves that hadn't been 
destroyed by the fire. Metal met bone as Myrtenaster clashed against 
the claws of an Ursa. Weiss' body quickly moved back, disengaging the 
clash in order to regain her mobility. Another glyph formed behind 
her as she was propelled forward at a breakneck pace, leaving a deep 

slash on the Ursa, ending it's life. Though this wasn't a fight that 
took a lot of energy, it had to be understood that Weiss had repeated 
a similar scene many times today. Humans had a limit, and Weiss was 
rapidly approaching hers; thus, it was with a breath of relief that 
the white-haired woman ended the last of the creatures of 
Grimm . 

Letting out a huff as she returned Myrtenaster to its original state, 
Weiss once again steeled herself as she fingered the necklace around 
her neck, reminded of why she was here. Ignoring the growing fatigue, 
she continued on with ragged steps. 

'_I have to find her. I can't let Ruby think thata€ | _that _was all 
our partnership was worth. '_ Pulling down the white beanie hat that 
she had added to her outfit upon entering the snowy mountains, Weiss 
recalled hera€ | less than superb exchange with Ruby when the latter 
had first informed her team of her long-term mission with her 
uncle . 


"_WEEIIIIIISSS ! " Said heiress braced herself, already prepared for 
the impact that was no doubt coming for her. Several moments later, 
as expected, an ecstatic Ruby Rose collided with her partner of four 
years with nothing less than complete elation in her tone._ 

"_Can you believe it? We're graduates!" The exuberant redhead had her 
arms thrown around Weiss neck in a hug from behind. "We're 
huntresses ! 

_As much as she wanted to give Ruby a knock on the head before 
scolding the girl, well, now more of a woman than anything else, 

Weiss just couldn't find it in her heart to yell at the moment. Not 
when the happiness in her partner's voice was so 
apparent ._ 

_Instead, she opted to remind her of some realism. "Yes Ruby, we are. 
We still have to make our way out there in the world you know." 
Constructive criticism, yes, that was how their relationship had 
always worked. _ 

_0f course, that didn't mean that the comment didn't elicit a slight 
pout from Ruby. No matter how skilled of a huntress she was, it 
seemed as if the girl would retain the same innocence that she always 
had. "Don't be a spoilsport, today's our big day!" Knowing that the 
white-haired woman in front of her would disagree. _ 

_Weiss gave an amused smile, already knowing where this conversation 
would lead to. "And it's also the first day that we're professionals 
instead of students Ruby." Seeing her partner play the part and 
seemingly deflate, Weiss quickly followed up. "But I suppose it's 
okay if we take today to celebrate. 

_Ruby ' s grin was more or less a reflection of how everyone around her 
felt at the moment; resplendent in their caps and gowns, excited for 
their new future. _ 

"_Hey shrimps, we have to get going! Dad said he'd give us a ride!" 
Weiss gave a scowl as the atmosphere was broken by the loudest, and 
regrettably, tallest, member of their team, Yang Xiao Long. Standing 

next to the blonde girl was her own partner, one whom Weiss had come 
to appreciate as the only one who could reign in her fiery 
counterpart, Blake Belladonna. _ 

"_Taiyang is waiting at the entrance, apparently we'll be heading to 
Patch to celebrate." The feline faunus supplied an explanation with a 
bemused smile. Having only grown more relaxed over the years, Blake 
had managed to put her demons behind her, now focusing on the future, 
instead of her past._ 

_They had started out as a team of four, hardly a team at that. A 15 
year old teenager, a haughty heiress, an ex-terrorist, and a 
hot-headed rebel. Yet somehow, the mismatched group of girls had 
somehow managed to become an acclaimed team at the most prestigious 
combat academy on Remnant. _ 

_Before Weiss could respond however. Ruby had already interjected. 
"Alright girls, we've graduated. Our next mission is to celebrate! 

The night will be filled with cookies!" Ruby's eyes almost glimmered 
in anticipation of the sugary armageddon was no doubt due to occur 
tonight, before she saw the rest of her team watching her. "A-And of 
course other stuff too! Like- Likea€ | 

_Seeing the three older girls in front of her stifling laughs. Ruby 
stuck her tongue out in defiance. Having grown used to their leader's 
behavior, the three simply followed her towards the entrance, ready 
to spend a night out on the town. Hopefully without firing any 
bullets this time._ 

_It was only later that Ruby and Weiss would have a chance to speak 
to one another again, after the girls had already retired for the 
night. The two sat next to one another in Ruby's room, Yang and Blake 
having retired to the former's dwelling. _ 

"_Weiss . 

"_What is it Ruby?" The heiress huffed, trying desperately to get a 
wink of sleep on the inflatable mattress that she had packed in 
advance ._ 

"_Do youa€ | you know, think that we'll be able to stay partners?" 
Seeing her partner turn over and give her an incredulous look. Ruby 
quickly elaborated. "What I mean is, uha€ | do you think we'll still 
do missions together?"_ 

_Weiss opened her moutha€ i and then closed it just as quickly. She 
had been tempted to immediately reply with the most pragmatic answer 
when she stopped herself. Somewhere deep down she discovered that 
she, not so surprisingly, had the same question. _ 

. .Yes Ruby. I'll see to it that we can stay partners at least some 
of the time." And damn anyone who was in the way of a Schnee driven 
towards a goal._ 

_A slightly stunned look on her face. Ruby's expression soon morphed 
into a chuckle. _ 

"_What?" Outraged at the fact that she was being laughed at, Weiss 
immediately dared the room's other occupant to reply. _ 

"_Nothing Weiss." And after a slight delay. "But thank you, and I 
promise too . 

"_That ' s what I thought." An indignant huff followed, one that the 
two were long used to. Yes, Weiss thought to herself, life was 
good ._ 


"If only I had known what she was planninga€ i " Weiss gritted her 
teeth in frustration, the wind now whipping against her face. What 
had happened the next daya€ i would forever haunt Weiss' 
nightmares . 

'_Thena€| maybe I wouldn't have said what I did. '_ 


"_YOU'RE DOING WHAT?!" Ruby winced at the screech that had come from 
her partner; she knew that it was optimistic to hope that Weiss would 
take the news calmly, but she didn't think it would be this bad. Then 
again, how could Ruby not have known? Otherwise, she wouldn't have 
asked Weiss to come out with her to a little secluded patch of forest 
before she broke the news to her partner ._ 

"_I-I'm heading out on a long-term mission with Uncle Qrow in a 
week . 

"_And how long will you be gone?" The heiress' sharp eyes bore into 
her own, demanding an answer. _ 

"_I'm not surea€ | " _ 

"_What do you mean you're not sure?!" Even through her yelling, Weiss 
knew that she was being unreasonable. Hunters and huntresses rarely 
had a set timetable on their missions, long-terms missions even more 
so. At this moment in time though, she didn't particularly care. The 
painful tightness in her chest reminded the pale woman only too 
clearly of what her team had come to mean to her. She was well aware 
that they would be separated when they finally went on missions; and 
yet she had, for some reason, held it in her heart that Ruby at 
least, her partner, would stick with her. They had promised. _ 

_The hurt that showed in Ruby's now gleaming silver eyes was only too 
easy to read for Weiss. "I'm sorry Weissa€| buta€ | I can'ta€| " The 
words were full of hesitancy, pleading, and most of all, desperation; 
desperation for Weiss to understand^ 

_Unf ortunately , emotions were seldom reasonable. It gave Weiss some 
kind of vindictive pleasure at seeing Ruby in such a state; to know 
that with a her approval or denial. Ruby would hang on to her every 
word. It lasted only for a moment before Weiss mentally recoiled, 
appalled that she would sink that low._ 

"_And what if I come with you?" She still held on to the small hope 
that she would be able to accompany Ruby. It wasn't a plea, it wasn't 
a demand, just a hope._ 

_Dismay filled Ruby's face, something that made Weiss regret her 
question. "It's just me and Uncle Qrowa€ | he told me from the 

start . " 

"_And since when have you known Ruby?" Weiss' throat was dry, her 
words sounding hoarse as she spoke. The anger was back and burning i 
her; the clenching of her heart was almost painful. _ 

Ruby mumbled while looking down at her feet._ 

"_Speak clearly." The sharp and, for the first time in years, malice 
filled scolding came all too easily. _ 

"_A month." Ruby stood in place, unwilling to see the look on her 
partner's face. _ 

_That would soon change as a short laugh tore itself free from Weiss 
throat. Ruby's head whipping up to see what had happened. _ 

"_A month. An entire month..." Up until now, nothing had frightened 
Ruby the way that her partner's voice now sounded. _ 

_No. Weiss wasn't supposed to sound like that!_ 

_Her eyes weren't supposed to look like that!_ 

"_Who else knew? Was it just me who didn't know? Blissfully unaware 
like a fool?!"_ 

"_No ! No no no, Weiss please! It's not like that!" Her voice 
cracking. Ruby tried to patch up the situation as best she 
could ._ 

"_Then what is it?! Why didn't you tell me Ruby Rose? ! 

_The crimson haired girl's mouth open and closed, hands clasped 
together and held up to her chest. She desperately wanted to speak, 
but no words would come._ 

"_We ' re done." Ruby felt her stomach sink, whatever remained of the 
celebration dinner last night now threatening to empty itself onto 
the ground. _ 

"_Best Teammatea€ | That was silly wasn't it. Hunters and huntresses 
go out on missions alone all the time."_ 

_No, this wasn't supposed to happen! Ruby wanted to scream. Weiss is 
supposed to stay with me! After all, Weiss wasa€ i Weiss 
wasa€ i _ 

"_But that wasn't the only empty promise I made was it?"__ 

"_Weiss! I'm sorry- I'll- I-" NO. Why did her voice work now! Why 
couldn't she say what she wanted. _ 

_Recalling their promise last night, a wild panic surfaced in Ruby's 
mind. More than anything, she didn't want to hear the words that 
f ollowed ._ 

"_Goodbye, Ruby." Her tone was hollow- dead. "You're a huntress now, 
congratulations . 

_As if she had waited for it, Weiss began to move away, leaving her 
red-cloaked leader to herself. _ 

"_Noa€ | Weiss pleaseaC i " The words were distorted. Ruby's voice 
choked by her tears that were now streaming down her face. "Please 
Weissa€| come back."_ 

_It was too late, the heiress already too far away to hear the weak 
voice of the girl who had finally found it._ 


The worst had been when Qrow had returned after two months with no 
Ruby in sight. 

No Ruby. 

Weiss had been ready to admit to her wrongs, to beg her partner to 
forgive her for the words that had spilled out from her mouth that 
night. The guilt that she had caused anything but happiness to come 
to that happy and innocent soul was enough to have her losing sleep. 
She had nearly lost it when Qrow had said that his niece wouldn't be 
returning any time soon. 

_It ' s my fault. _ 

Clenching a fist around Myrtenaster once again, Weiss reaffirmed her 
resolve . 

"It's my fault, so I'll bring that dolt back." The vow was spoken to 
the empty air as Myrtenaster snapped open, ready to rend the pack of 
Grimm that was standing in front of her. It was at least three times 
as large as the one she had eliminated previously. The fact that it 
was mainly made of Ursa only drove the difficulty up. 

The next few moments were a blur of emotion and combat. Heat flared 
around her as red dust exploded into brilliant flame; glyphs 
propelling her back and forth among the pack. Just as she was about 
to behead another Ursa, a bout of dizziness assaulted her senses. It 
was only natural; Weiss had been fighting all day, climbing the 
mountain without any sort of rest. The fact that she had slept 
fitfully last night hadn't helped her stamina either, not withholding 
the fact that she had always had the worst stamina out of Team 

The moment was weakness was enough for an Ursa to slam a paw into her 
side, sending her careening off on her side, rolling through the snow 
as she eventually slowed. Searing pain ridding Weiss of her dizziness 
quickly, she looked up only to find a Death Stalker staring her 
down . 

_Noa€ | NO, I can't stop here. I have to find Ruby!_ 

And yet, her body wouldn't listen to her. Blood stained the white 
jacket she was wearing, dripping on to the ground as it slid off the 
pure white garment. Weiss could only watch as the tail of the Death 
Stalker swept up, ready to pierce her body with its wickedly sharp 
end . 

She closed her eyes, waiting for the blow to come, for her end to 

finally come. She deserved it for what she did to Ruby. She waited 
for death. 

And waitedaC i 
And waitedaC i 

But the blow never came. Instead, a horrific screech of pain was what 
finally made her eyes snap open. The figure in front of her was 

unknown and yet, hauntingly familiar at the same time. It was clearly 

them who had saved her, the stinger of the Death Stalker now sitting 
in the snow, having been lopped off by aa€ 

"Ru . . . by ? " 

. . . Scythe 

A sad smile made itself known on the figure's face as they turned 

around, the wind now blowing off the hood they had worn. 

"Heya Weiss . . . : " 

~k -k * 

Well, this is the first time that I've written an author's note for 
this story that I hope all my readers have been enjoying. I'd just 
like to leave a few words of thanks for all those who have left a 
review, favorited, or followed the story. Your support is greatly 
appreciated . 

Unfortunately, there is no secure update schedule for this story, as 
it depends on my schedule and availability. It is guaranteed however, 
that before a period of absence that will last longer than 2 weeks, I 
will leave a notice in the chapter before said period. 

Additionally, I will say this now, I have no intention of making this 
story include Bumblebee as well. The reason being that I do not 
believe myself competent enough to write a satisfying story for those 
two at the moment. I hope that you will understand my decision. 

Once again, thank you all for reading, and I hope you will follow 
this story to it's conclusion. 

4 . Chapter 4 
Chapter 4 : 

It was one of the rare days in Atlas where the air wasn't frigidly 
cold. The fact that the country was in the extreme north had also led 
to the constant exposure to sunlight. The pleasant combination was 
not wasted on Yang Xiao Long, who was currently making her way to one 
of the various cafes that lined the streets of the veritable 
metropolis in order to meet with her longtime friend and partner, 
Blake Belladonna. 

The two had already decided to find one another after finding that 
the end date for both of their missions coincided very conveniently. 
They were also expecting a certain CEO to be there as well, though, 
strangely enough, said person had not contacted either of 

them . 

Easily sweeping the thought from her mind with work as the excuse, 
Yang slipped into a smaller establishment on the side of the road 
with an older sign that simple read "Cafe" above it. It certainly 
wasn't as modern or "chic" as the other stores on the street, but it 
certainly had many charms that other places weren't able to match. 
Most importantly, it had the unique feature of offering private rooms 
to parties who wished to reserve one. It was perfect for people who 
wished to perhaps work on something quietly, or in this case, hold a 
private conversation. 

Letting the door close slowly behind her, Yang made her way up to the 
counter where a middle-aged man, about 40 and some years old was 
reading the paper. Glancing at her from over the edge of his paper, 
the man folded up the object before shooting her a questioning 
look . 

" ' souse me. Was wondering if there was a reservation for a Miss 

Belladonna anywhere on there." She gestured to the computer monitor 
that sat in front of him. "The name is Yang Xiao Long." She added. 
Even as she spoke, the words "Miss Belladonna" in her voice sounded 
strange to Yang's ears. At least the blonde knew where her more 
"refined" teammate had acquired her mannerisms. 

After a momentary glance, he answered as he handed her a key; all of 
the rooms were locked for privacy purposes unless otherwise requested 
by the patron. The only ways to get in, legally anyways, was to 
either have your name on the list, or to have the other person let 
you in themselves. "Miss Belladonna will be in the last room at the 
end of the hallway. If you need anything feel free to ding us with 
the pager that is inside the room." 

Giving the man a nod, Yang departed for the previously indicated 
room. Giving it a light knock to indicate her arrival, Yang inserted 
the key into the doorknob and twisted. The room was of a medium size, 
a clean cloth couch lining the wall for anyone to relax. A small 
window was open to the side street that it looked out into, though it 
could be just as easily obscured with the curtain that lined it. 
Yang's attention however, was caught by the person who was sitting at 
the single table in the room. 

"Still got a thing for tuna after all these years huh Blake?" Her 
tone filled with mirth, Yang stared at the feline faunus that was 
furiously attempting to swallow what seemed to be a too-big-bite of a 
tuna sandwich. 

Taking pity on the raven-haired woman, Yang closed the door with one 
arm as the other handed her the glass of water that sat on the table. 
After taking a panicked sip, Blake was finally able to respond. 

"You could have waited for me to 
woman a dirty look. 

"Eh, but where's the fun in that 
face told Blake exactly how much 
that was sent her way. 

"Please, don't tell me that your 

open the doora€ | " She shot the other 

kitty-cat!" The grin on the blonde's 
Yang actually cared about the glare 

humor has extended to rhymes now as 

Taking her own seat next to Blake, Yang's smile never faltered. "Of 
course not 'Miss Belladonna, ' what on earth would give you that idea? 
Besides, I know you yearned for my puns day and night while I was 
gone . " 

"Of course Yang, whatever you say." Blake was, of course, unamused by 
the display. Still, she appreciated the time she spent with her 
teammates nevertheless. "Any word on if Weiss is on her way?" 

Seeing the subject switch to the rapier expert in their team, Yang 
responded with a negative. "Can't say I would know. I thought that 
Ice Queen woulda gotten in touch with you if anything." 

Blake shrugged, it wasn't uncommon for the shorter woman to be too 
busy to meet with them, though she would always try her best. "Well, 
that aside, how was your mission with Sun in Vacuo?" 

"BoooringaC | A week of guiding a caravan through the desert, except 
there was nothing going on anyways. I could feel the sand between my 
boobs only a few hours in! It was amazing that I made it all the way 
without dying of boredom!" 

Secretly, Blake also found it amazing how Yang always managed to have 
talk so shamelessly; then again, her partner had never been known for 
her modesty, even back at Beacon. 

"At least we got into a scuffle with some Death Stalkers on the way 
back, managed to get some exercise that wasn't walking after doing 
way too much of it." Yang finished her story while scratching her 
head, looking for something on the menu. "Anyways, how was your 
mission? " 

"It was the elimination of a pack of Grimm on the edges of Vale. Ren 
and I were more than enough for a pack of that size. Not to mention 
the biggest Grimm that we ran into was an Ursa." 

Thinking back to the few days that she had extra at the end, Blake's 
thoughts naturally went back to the conversation with Ren. 

"Yanga€| did you get any news on your end?" The lilac eyes hardened; 
there was no need for an explanation as to what Blake was 
asking . 

"No, still haven't heard anything." Her fist clenched in frustration. 
Before Yang could potentially cause any damage to the table however, 
a knock at the door sounded. 

Trying her best to put a smile on her face, Yang stood up to open the 
door, already suspecting she knew who it was. 

"Hey Wei- Winter?" Standing there in her Atlas military uniform, was 
Winter Schnee. 

It wasn't as if the Atlas Specialist had never met her sister's 
teammates before; far from it in fact. There had been occasions where 
various parts of team RWBY had cooperated with Winter Schnee for one 
reason or another. It was simply that the latter had never deigned to 
meet with them outside of working, save for a few occasions. 

As efficient as always. Winter went straight to the point. "May I?" 
She indicated the door, preferring not to wait until Yang's 
impression of a fish ended naturally. 

"O-Oh yeah, sorry." Stepping out of the way, Yang allowed the elder 
Schnee sibling to walk into the room before closing the door again. 

As the woman took a seat next to Blake's other side, the faunus was 
already posing a question. 

"Not that we aren't happy to see you, but what are you doing here?" 
The relationship between Winter Schnee and the remaining members of 
team RWBY had always been one of mutual respect, not of friends. 

Being curious was only natural, if slightly prude. 

As always however. Winter forwent the formalities and went straight 
to the point. "My sister has left a message for you both." 

That got the attention of both girls. What kind of situation had 
Weiss gotten herself into that she couldn't get in contact with the 
two of them herself? 

"You will understand better if you read this." She handed the same 
document she had to Weiss two nights ago to the two huntresses. The 
information was classified, but only to a basic level; hunters and 
huntresses were certainly entitled to it. 

As she noticed the two of them approaching the end of the report, 
their eyes growing wider with each line they read. Winter finally 
spoke . 

"Weiss left two days ago to investigate this lead. She was unable to 
tell you due the fact that the two of you were away and without 
access to the CCT . I informed her that it was foolish to go alone, 
but she was insistent in doing so." 

Winter waited for the reaction thats she knew was cominga€ i and was 
surprised when it didn't. Instead of immediately exploding and 
charging out the door as many would have expected, Yang only sent a 
concerned look at Blake. 

"They should be okay Yang." Blake recalled the words that Ren had 
spoken to her only a few days ago. "Weiss is strong. Ruby 
too . " 

Winter was puzzled to say the least. "I would have thought that the 
two of you would be the first ones to pursue my sister in her search 
for your missing teammate." 

"Well ya seea€ ! " Yang scratched the back of her head in a sheepish 
manner, knowing that she was the main cause for this expectation. "We 
trust Weiss." The lilac eyes opened from their previously closed 
state. "Ice Queen might be pricklier than the cactus I almost stabbed 
myself on in Vacuo last week, but she's also a part of Team 
RWBY . " 

Winter was floored to say the least. 

"Not to mention." Blake added on. "You said Weiss left two days ago 
right? With that kind of lead, we wouldn't be able to catch up before 
she was already on her way back considering where she was 

headed . " 

The small smile on Winter's face would've been nearly unnoticeable 
unless someone was watching her specifically. 

It seemed as if Weiss wasn't the awkward little girl anymore. After 
all, she had made some very good friends. 


Weiss' eyes were as wide as she could manage in her dazed state. The 
previously fiery pain that had been tearing its way through her 
nerves was now little more than a dull throb in her side, her shock 
doing a better job of relieving her pain than the most expensive 
analgesic . 

"Rubya€ | " The name came out as a breath, her burning lungs screaming 
at her for air, but her brain too taken with the scene in front of 
her. Perhaps Weiss hadn't expect it, but in reality, it only made 
sense that Ruby would have changed the most out of all of them; the 
girl had been 15 when she entered Beacon. Six years later and the 
young woman had done more than simply grow taller; at the prime of 
her life. Ruby wasa€ beautiful. 

Gone was the baby fat that had still remained on her face, a sleek 
paleness remaining despite how much of her time was spent outdoors. 
Her previously short hair was now let down, the crimson tips now 
reaching beyond the woman's shoulders, a small hair ornament in the 
shape of her namesake adorning it. The rest of Ruby's attire had 
clearly been adjusted for combat; the red cloak now only hung on one 
shoulder, trailing down her back until it reached the her waist. 

A black wool sweater hugged her figure, and opening on the lower back 
showing a large scar that Weiss was certain had not been there 
before. Long dark maroon pants were worn underneath something akin to 
a sarong. The pitch-black cloth was trimmed in the dark red that had 
come to be expected of Ruby, with small silver trinkets in the shape 
of crosses being sown into the edge as well. 

One moment was Weiss almost drinking in the sight of her 
partnera€ | 

'_If I can even call her that anymorea€ | '_ 

Then Ruby, quite literally, vanished. 

Disappeared . 

Faded Away. 

Whatever words you wanted to use, the redhead was gone, a deafening 
silence left in her place. It was only broken moments later by the 
sound of something falling to the ground; the sight that complimented 
this left Weiss wondering if she was still dizzy from the hit. 

As if by magic, the Death Stalker that had been previously 
threatening her life, laid neatly bisected lengthwise in front of 
her. Crescent Rose danced in Ruby's hands, the weapon itself having 
undergone several changes along with its wielder. The shafter and 
blade were both lengthened to match up with Ruby's reach and height. 

Though it had previously towered over the young girl when she wielded 
it, the size of the scythe now was such that Weiss doubted whether 
most lesser huntsmen could even lift it, much less wield it. Still, 
it didn't prevent the reaper from carving through the Grimm at a 
blitzkrieg pace. 

Beowolf, Ursa, Death Stalker. It didn't matter to the grim reaper's 
blade as it tore through all of them, cold metal meeting bone and 
flesh that just as quickly yielded to the deadly weapon. Already 
there were much fewer Grimm in the area, a testament to Ruby's skill 
and efficiency. Ending just as suddenly as it had begun, the 
engagement hadn't managed to last more than a few minutes at most. 

The sound of Crescent Rose being sheathed signaling the end of the 
fighting . 

Now came the hard part . 

"Ruby." Weiss spoke as if drunk, her voice sounding alien even to 
herself . 

"Third times the charm?" Bewildered blue eyes met silver as even 
Weiss' apprehension was given pause at the remark. 

"Excuse me?" 

"Third time you've called my name today Princess." Ruby chuckled a 
bit at the look that she had rarely seen even two years ago. 

"That- That doesn't mattera€ i " Struggling to come up with something 
intelligent, the white-haired woman opted for a question instead. 
"Where have you been Ruby?" 

"Oh, you know, here and there." The answer was purposely vague, Weiss 
could tell as much by the smile on Ruby's face. 

Relieved that she could at least find _something _familiar about 
Ruby, Weiss replied in kind. "Oh? And where would that be?" A single 
eyebrow raised, the CEO gave no room for more roundabout 
answers . 

"Everywhere!" Of course, the look that had many lesser businessmen 
cowering had no effect on Ruby. "Seriously though, I've been around 
everywhere. Vacuo, Mistral, Atlas, you name it." 

Shaking her head, Weiss accepted that she would probably never get a 
proper answer to the question, at least, not to the extent that she 
wished it to be. At least Ruby was behaving like herself, something 
that Weiss was confused, but more importantly, relieved by. 

"Whatever, that's not important right now. What is important is that 
you come back Ruby." 

The smile stayed on her face. "Why is that? I don't think anybody is 
in mortal danger right? Last I heard, the White Fang was still 
defunct . " 

"Because-" Weiss hesitated. _She_ wanted Ruby to come home. What 
reason did Ruby have to come back? Because the crimsonette missed the 
rest of her friends as well? 

"I'm perfectly fine out here Weiss. I knew that Uncle Qrow telling 

you guys wouldn't have done it, but now that you see me all in one 
piece, it's fine right?" That smile was still there. 

"You- How can you be so calm about this? Ignoring the pain in her 
side, Weiss shuffled her way towards Ruby, her fury that had been 
slowly building starting to show through. 

"You've been gone for two years Ruby." She stomped a foot into the 
ground. "Two _years_. We didn't know what happened to you. You didn't 
communicate with anyone!" 

"Wella€|" Rubbing a hand on the back of her head, a sheepish _smile 
_made it's way onto Ruby's face. "I didn't have much time you know?" 
It was a weak excuse, not nearly enough to satisfy Weiss' need for an 
explanation . 

"That's not good enough you damn dunce!" Politeness and dignity 
forgotten, Weiss grabbed Ruby's shoulder, shaking slightly. "We were 
all worried about you! The least you could do is take some 
responsibility. " 

As if stunned by the sudden outburst. Ruby's facial expression didn't 
change. "Hey, if that's what this is about I can call you guys from 
now on." Though Weiss didn't see it. Ruby bit down on the inside of 
her cheek. 

A low growl was the reply. "No Ruby Rose. I am not leaving unless 
you're coming with me. Blake, Yang, and I all made a promise to bring 
you back if we ever found you." 

Weiss didn't pay much attention to the words that she spoke, anger 
and stubbornness clouding her judgement. 

The same could not be said for Ruby. 

"Promise." With one word, the rush of memories came back to Weiss, 
regret and apprehension, among other things, filled her. It had been 
just one word, but for the two women, it may as well have been 
thousands . 

"So you _promised _them right Weiss? Just like you promised me." The 
dam had been broken. 

"No Ruby wait. I'm sorr-" 

"_No _Weiss." Ruby spat out the words through gritted teeth. "You're 
not sorry. You can't _be _sorry, because you don't even know what you 

Weiss was suddenly very pale, even more than usual. 

"_You_ broke your promise to _me_ Weiss, so why should I believe that 
anything you say is any better? ! " The cheerful silvers from before 
had become a hard steel, a cold glint radiating enmity showing 
itself . 

"I _trusted _you . " A deafening bang as Cresent Rose once again made 
itself known, slamming into the tough rock beneath their feet. "And 
you showed me exactly how much that meant to you back then." That 
goddamn smile was _still there, _the same smile that Ruby had worn 

since the two had seen one another. 

How could Weiss have believed that the smile that Ruby Rose wore on 
her face was real? 

When the former had relentlessly crushed the other's heart those two 
short years ago. 

"I never forgot Weiss." As the woman met those cold grey eyes, she 
couldn't help but feel a horrible sense of wrongness. "Just. 

Go . " 

The burst of white-hot emotion that had come forth like an inferno to 
burn Weiss was now retracted. Ruby's weapon doing similarly with a 
cold efficiency as its wielder turned away and began to walk. 

It wasn't right. 

It wasn't right for those grey orbs to contain anything but 
happiness. For them to look so hurt, so 
_betrayed_a€ | 

"Rubya€ | " 

"Go. " 

"I'm sorry . " 

"Weiss. This is the last time. Just go." 

And for a moment. Ruby thought that her former partner _had __left. 

She threw the ever familiar red hood on, the silence surely 
signifying a lack of presence. 

"Please Ruby." The mentioned female froze. In their relationship of 
six years. Ruby had never heard Weiss Schnee of all people, 


Once she turned around, she wished that she hadn't. Slick tears were 
running down Weiss' face, the drops twinkling in the fading light of 
day . 

The sight made something stir in Ruby's mind. The scene of a girl in 
a red hood, desperately begging for a white-haired beauty to 
stay . 

"_Noa€ | Weiss pleasea€ i " The words were distorted. Ruby's voice 
choked by her tears that were now streaming down her face. "Please 
Weissa€| come back."_ 

Ruby hit her lip until it bled. Why did she remember now? 

"I'm so s-sorry Rubya€ | " A small hiccup interrupted Weiss' apology, 
sobs wracking her small frame. "I never wanted to-" She paused, 
realizing what she was about to say. 

"To hurt you like thata€ | " Yes. She had hurt Ruby. Hurt the most 
important person in her life. The one who had dragged her from a life 
of solitude and deception with little more than her bright smile, one 
that she could now only hope of ever seeing again. 

Weiss was thoroughly crushed, having never realized the power that 
her actions had held. She had been all but ready to throw herself off 
of a cliff to apologize to Ruby. Never had she thought about if her 
precious partner would actually accept. 

Never had 
Weiss had 
Weiss had 
Weiss had 
Weiss had 
Ruby was 

she thought about the pain she had truly caused. 
Yang . 

Blake . 

Winter . 
everyone . 
alone ._ 

Why? Because her _best teammate _had left her. For what? A petty 
grudge ? 

Ruby could feel the tension in the air. She knew that her next words 
would decide how she would spend the rest of her life. Either alone, 
or with her friendsa€ i her family. 

And yet, it was so much easier to stay away. These past two years had 
been numb, but they had never been as painful. Never as painful as 
that fateful night. 

And so, she spoke. 

"I can't Weiss." Her body moved forward as the words spilled out of 
her mouth, a faint wetness on her cheeks making itself known. "I'm 
scared to be hurt. To be cold." 

And yet, the warmth of the woman in her arms was undeniable. 

Weiss heard the words, felt her heart sink at the deniala€ i before 
finding comfort in the arms that now embraced her shoulders; she 
reciprocated . 

"Then come _home_ Ruby." The words were slow, hesitant, like a child 
afraid of making a mistake. "I won't leave again, I-" 

Her mind froze. It was just one word. One word that had caused them 
so much anguish that she dared not to speak it. 

"Promise?" It wasn't Weiss that spoke. It was Ruby that whispered 
into her ear. The grip only became tighter. 

Moments of silence followed before it was finally broken. "Yeaha€|" 
Her grip tightened, as if afraid Ruby would run away. 

"Promise . " 

Their faces flushed, and tears running freely, two women embraced one 
another among a field littered with the ebony corpses of 
Grimm . 


It would be several minutes before either woman was up to even 
moving, their soft sniffles echoing like a drum in the empty 
mountains around them. 

"Rubya€ ! ? " 

"Yeah Weiss?" 

"I'm sor-" A finger held up to her face stopped the woman from 
finishing her sentence. 

"Don't say anymore Weiss. I'll forgive you." Ruby's voice was flat, 
as if her forgiveness had been a forgone conclusion. 

'_I haven't done anything to deserve someone like her in my life.'_ 
Weiss thought to herself. Never had she berated herself for the first 
impressions that she had of Ruby more. Unlucky? Being put on a team 
with the absolutely impossible girl in front of her had to be one of 
the most fortunate occurrences of her life! 

"Then let me say this instead." With the two finally letting go of 
their embrace, Weiss pushed Ruby's finger down. "Thank you 
Ruby . " 

"Hey don't mention it, what are partners for?" This time, a real 
smile made it's way to Ruby's face; the large silver eyes once again 
filling with joy. 

It was quite a while before Weiss would stop crying again, unable to 
believe that she deserved any of this. 

f ile .